Aeonium Arboreus Velour - Tree Houseleek - 3" Succulent

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Aeoniums have a very unusual habit!  They grow tall, with all of the leaves at the tips.  Then the stems reach for the ground to send down roots.  2'-3'H x 1'-2'W  Reddish brown leaves that are rosette forming.  You may read online that it likes full sun.  However, that is 6hrs of light with afternoon shade.  It does not like the intense afternoon sun.  You may notice sunburned leaves or scorch marks if the sunlight is too strong.  Aeoniums do require more water than other succulents.  Water thoroughly, then let dry before watering again.  However, if you see the leaf color fading or the stems looking limp, these are signs of needing water.  Never let the soil remain soggy.